Mental Feat Software Round-Up

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21st Century Knight's TourToday's entry contains plemty of software that is right down the alley of many Grey Matters readers.

Lior Manor has announced the release of his 21st Century Knight's Tour routine! The routine comes on a CD-ROM, with both and executable (.EXE) version and flash files (.SWF) for Windows users. Mac users will be able to perform this using the flash files. The instructions were written by Ken Weber, the author of Maximum Entertainment. The routine was designed to be filled with drama and suspense, and has been used effectively by Lior Manor himself. The regular price is US$155, but at this writing, there is a FISM special on the Knight's Tour that will allow you to save US$35.

I've discussed free software for memory training before (here and here), but it's time to add a new program to the list. Pauker is a free flash-card-based program that helps train your memory. It's Java-based, and will run on any system, and the site provides compatibility information to make sure it will run effectively on your system. For Java-capable PDAs and mobile phones, MiniPauker is available. To get an idea of the program before you download it, check out the screenshots and the list of ready-made lessons.

Finally, from the always informative Lifehacker blog, comes a great personal gift suggestion. About a year ago (OK, so I didn't find this right away, but I found it!), Lifehacker suggested creating a memory/concentration game with treasured photos. For any special occasion in which you want to add a sense of personality, fun and nostalgia, this could be the perfect gift.

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