Back to School Time!

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Train Your Brain and EntertainIt's time to start thinking about going back to school! Yes, when I was in school, that thought didn't thrill me either.

However, one of the things that can help greatly in school in being able to remember as much as possible of what is being taught. That's part of the reason I created my Train Your Brain and Entertain software (TYBE). As essential as memory technique can be in school, it is strangely absent as a regularly taught tool.

If you or your kids are heading back to school at this time, why not make this school year the best one ever by developing and using a trained memory this year? I didn't learn about memory technique until I was in college, and I had an experience that really showed me how effective it can be.

To help encourage you to purchase Train Your Brain and Entertain (available for Mac OS X or Windows), I'm offering free shipping on any order over $50 from the Grey Matters Store through August 14, 2006! To take advantage of this, just enter BTS2006 when asked for your coupon code during checkout. $50 isn't that much at the store, either. If you get TYBE and another item, such as Pi T-shirt to impress this year's math teacher, you've filled the $50 minimum!

This is the end of my shameless plug, and I now return you to the regularly scheduled blog.

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