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instructables.comAs you've probably guessed from the previous two entries, I'm in somewhat of a do-it-yourself mode lately. Naturally, this led me back to instructables.com, which has grown radically since I first mentioned the binary counting HowToon back in October, 2005.

I'm glad I went back, because I've found more great projects of interest to Grey Matters readers.

First, there's the method for solving Sudoku puzzles without thinking. Personally, I prefer the method taught in How To Solve Every Sudoku Puzzle, but the instructables method does work. Either way, you can practice your Sudoku skills at the Grey Matters Mental Gym!

No, Rubik's Cube fans haven't been forgotten. You can find ways to make a clear magnetic Rubik's Cube, or simply “pimp” your existing Rubik's Cube.

Finally, for fans of the classic Simon game, there's an awesome interactive drumming game based on the same idea. If you want to see what this looks like when it's completed, check out the movie (Quicktime required) of the drum game in action.

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