Giant Knight's Tour!

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Black KnightEvery so often, I run across regular items that are perfect for use in a mental feat demonstration, such as this entry from May.

This time, we have some great items for presenting the Knight's Tour. Naturally, over at Wholesale Chess, there are any number of items that could be used, but I especially want to draw your attention to their giant chess section. For about US$160, you could get a 9 foot by 9 foot nylon chessboard and two 18-inch-tall knight pieces (one white and one black). You would then have your audience put the black knight on any black square, the white knight on any white square, have them choose one as the start and the other as the end, and then demonstrate the Knight's Tour by actually stepping from square to square!

If you want to perform the blindfolded Knight's Tour from Train Your Brain and Entertain, get a real (or fake) blindfold, get plenty of practice stepping from square to square blindfolded, and you'll have a remarkable feat on your hands! You'll also save money with this version, as you would only need to buy one knight, for use as the starting point.

Oh, and to carry all this around, don't forget a Giant Chess Carrying Bag!

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