Basic Blackjack Strategy T-shirts

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Las Vegas Strip 2-deckYes, I've been neglecting the Grey Matters Online Store for too long, due to other projects. However, that has now been remedied!

The newest products in the store are my Basic Blackjack Strategy line! These items will feature basic strategy charts for differing versions of blackjack, which can be used while you're playing the game. To make the T-shirts easily usable while you're playing, they're printed upside-down.

Currently, the only strategy chart available is for a 2-deck game on the Las Vegas Strip. More precisely, it is intended solely for a blackjack game with the following characteristics:
* Played on the Las Vegas strip
* 2 decks are used
* Dealer stands on soft 17
* Doubling any 2 cards is allowed
* Doubling after a split is allowed
* Surrender isn't allowed
* Hole card rule: Original bets only

However, I plan to expand this section with a wider variety of charts in the near future.

Please remember that, as with all forms of gambling, there are no guarantees of returns that will result from using these charts. Any gain or loss is solely the user's responsibility.

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