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B. H. Bowhunter's Sweetest SoundYes, I am a little busy due to this being Mother's Day, but I do have some quick tidbits to share:

* Over on Penguin Magic, I have an instant download for sale called, “The Sweetest Sound”. I was flattered recently when I ran across B. H. Bowhunter performing his version of my effect over on YouTube. Good job, B. H.!

* When reviewing the book, “Act Two”, I briefly mentioned the Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics. If you're at all curious about this, I've found some great links on the web, here, here and here that can help you understand the basics.

* Would you find anywhere from US$30,000 to US$605,000 useful? Do you like math? If so, head over to the RSA Challenge Number page. All you have to do is "simply" to factor the numbers they give you on the site, and collect your reward! Oh, I should mention that the smallest number on the site is 212 digits long.

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