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Train Your Brain and EntertainHere is a brief look around the web in the world of memory and math:

* Word is starting to spread about my Train Your Brain and Entertain software. Not only have I been getting hits from Apple's site, as I mentioned in this entry, but due to this mention in MacNN and LobowolfXXX's review at the Magic Cafe, the number of hits on the Grey Matters site has increased dramatically!

* Speaking of software, there are two new releases out that readers of this blog may enjoy. First, there is Brain Tease, which helps improve your short-term memory, concentration and focus, by using two simple exercises. The other program is Quiz Press, which lets you create multiple types of quizzes (multiple choice, fill-in-the-blanks, true/false and more), and lets you output them via your printer, PDF files and even a self-scoring Flash-based version for use on the web! Both programs are available for Mac OS X and Windows.

* Scientists are being baffled by a woman who can't forget. Instead of being autistic, or otherwise having trouble functioning in everyday life, she is as normal as you or I, except for her extraordinary memory. Read the full story for yourself!

* There's one week left in the "Shed Your Winter Layers Spring Sale" over at the Grey Matters Store! Until April 13th, you can save US$10 on any purchase over US$50 by entering the code SPRING10 during checkout. This is an excellent chance to get Train Your Brain and Entertain, along with your choice of a wide variety of apparel, including the new women's and men's shirts that were just released today. The new shirts feature the 400-digit "Pi Chart" on the back, and the phrase, "You know you've memorized too many digit of Pi when you not only have no life, but you can prove it mathematically!" on the front.

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