Doug Canning's “Mental Shopper”

Published on Sunday, April 09, 2006 in , , , , ,

Astonishment SiteFor almost as long as I've had the Astonishment Site, Doug Canning has graciously allow me to teach his Mental Shopper in the memory section of the site.

Earlier this week, I moved it into the Mental “Feat”-ures section of the Mental Gym section. In addition, I've added a Javascript Quiz for Mental Shopper, so that you can practice it.

Just to get you curious, here's the description of the routine from the site: You hand the spectator 5 cards with 6 grocery item and their 3-digit prices on each one. The spectator calls out one item from each card, but not the price. Thanks to your powerful mind, you are able to not only recall the prices of the items, but add them up quickly in your head, as fast as a calculator!

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1:58 AM

I feel in love with that man.