Grey Matters' one-year Blogiversary! (Oh, and Pi and Einstein, too!)

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365 days and 114 posts ago, I started Grey Matters. That makes today Pi Day, Albert Einstein's birthday and Grey Matters' one-year Blogiversary! You may want to check out my very first post.

Of course, as part of my celebration, I've been holding a sale over at the Grey Matters Online Store, so if you want to start preparing for Pi Day 2007 by committing to learn 400 Digits of Pi, you may wish to check out the Train Your Brain and Entertain software, as well as some of the items I've created to help you demonstrate your knowledge of Pi! Today is your last chance to save US$4 on any purchase over US$40, by entering the code MARCH4 when you check out.

If you're wondering why anyone would memorize Pi in the first place, you can find out why people memorize Pi over at Pi Memorama. If you read that list, you'll see Pi isn't necessarily as serious as it would first appear. Pi can be silly, inspirational or humorous, depending on whose hands you put it. Ever wonder if your birthday or other important numbers in your life are in Pi? Granted, with Pi being infinite and patternless, it's guaranteed to be in there somewhere, but if it's anywhere within the first 1,254,543 digits, you can find out at “Am I in Pi?”.

Of course, we can't leave Albert Einstein out of the discussion on his birthday. Thanks to the web, you can do everything from reading Einstein's own words, seeing what is being done with Einstein's original work to putting your own words in Einstein's hands. For a more complete picture of the man himself, I suggest going through the resources at Albert Einstein Online and the “Einstein's Big Idea” page on the NOVA website.

Remember, my blogiversary, Pi Day and Einstein's birthday are meant to be fun! If you don't believe me, just ask Einstein himself:

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