Computers Straining Your Brain

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GMail MemoryComputers have often been compared to an electronic version of the brain, so it's only natural that you get help straining your brain from them.

Apparently, Nintendo agrees with me. Their upcoming release for the Nintendo DS, scheduled for April 17th, is called Brain Age: Train Your Brain In Minutes A Day (I like the name!).

Among the available activities in Brain Age will be:

Syllable Count - Count the syllables in well-known phrases.
Reading Aloud - Read classic literature as fast as possible.
Stroop Test - Say the names of colors as they appear.
Word Memory - Memorize words that appear on screen.
Speed Counting - Count to 120 as fast as you can.
Connect Maze - Draw lines to connect letters and numbers in alphabetical and numeric order.
Calculation - Perform simple math problems quickly.
Head Count - Count people as they enter and exit a house.
Triangle Math - Solve math problems in a certain pattern.
Low to High - Memorize the position of numbers, then touch them in order from lowest to highest.

There is much more detail about the game at the links above, so check them out for an amazing list of features.

Don't have a Nintendo DS? Another way to challenge your brain is through the GMail Memory Chain Game. This is a memory challenge that you set up with other friends, and play via e-mail. Despite the name, you can really play it with any e-mail program. Gmail, any any other e-mail software that groups discussions together, works better to keep the game going, however.

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