Busy Week at Grey Matters!

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Personalized Magic Square Buttons and MagnetsThe projects I briefly mentioned at the beginning of this blog entry have finally been coming to fruition this week, and I can tell you it's great to finally see some finished results!

First, the big news! The Mac OS X version of my Train your Brain and Entertain software now has its own page on Apple's site in the Macintosh Products Guide! This is actually the second time this blog has received a mention on Apple's site. The first was their listing of the Grey Matters Dashboard Widget.

I've also added a new “feat”-ure to the Mental Gym. This new feat is known as the Serial Number Feat, and was originated by Royal V. Heath. In this feat, you have someone take out a bill, and hide the serial number from you. You ask for the total of the 1st and 2nd digits of the serial number, then for the total of the 2nd and 3rd digits, and so on, through to the total of the 7th and 8th digits. You also ask for the total of the 2nd and 8th digits. Once you have all these numbers, you perform a bit of quick math, after which you are able to tell the person the serial number on their bill! There are two versions taught, one in which you do the calculations on a notepad, and the other you do from memory. I've even added a javascript program to help you practice the serial number feat.

Finally, for those of you who are wondering what that button graphic above has to do with any of this, I have your answer. Over at the Grey Matters store, I'm now offering personalized magic square buttons and magnets! Yes, the ready-made magic squares are nice, but it's tough to beat having your own magic square, designed especially for you. It can add an extra dimension of wonder to memories of an already special occasion, such as birthdays, anniversaries or wedding. They are available individually, for only US$ 3.00, which makes for a very inexpensive gift. They are also available in larger quantities with discounts of up to 40% off, which makes them perfect for use as a unique party favor! Follow the instructions on the Personalized Magic Square Buttons and Magnets page to order.

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