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Stack Attack DVDHaving been a friend of Lew Brooks for years, I was only too glad to recommend his Stack Attack book. I've also mentioned it in previous entries here. So, it gives me great pleasure to announce the release of the Stack Attack DVD!

This isn't just any second rate DVD, either. It has been professionally produced by Bob Kohler Magic.

The DVD, as well as the book, are focused, as you can guess from the title, on the use of stack. Just that single statement will scare away any number of purists in card magic. However, Lew opens with his thoughts on why he uses stacks, and why they shouldn't be avoided. There are many in magic who, if they only thing they paid attention to in the DVD were these opening remarks, they would be far better off.

The presentations are all in the form of charming, amusing and engaging stories. These are presentations that really hook the audience's interest, and keep it through the entire routine. Too often, story tricks have a reputation as being long, boring affairs, but Lew has obviously overcome those hurdles, as well.

One particular trick that I should mention is the "Four Second Stack". Lew recently performed this routine for Alan Ackerman, who took it as a completely legitimate demonstration of card stacking! You don't fool someone as knowledgeable as Alan Ackerman without thinking strongly about what you're doing. You may even find yourself being taken in at several points in the video.

One of the best things about this video, is that every aspect of the video is strong. You learn great routines, ingenious and subtle methods, taught well, and in great detail. Every trick on this video is well within the reach of the average magician, yet magicians of any skill level will walk away with a new perspective on their magic. For example, highly skilled magicians who use a memorized deck will find some very valuable tools on this DVD.

Will you learn the latest hottest moves on this video? No. Will you learn amazing routines that are easy to do, and be able to perform them in a way that will lock your performance in an audience's memory? Yes.

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