Happy New Year!

Published on Sunday, January 01, 2006 in

Happy New Year to one and all!

With a new year, comes a new feature to Grey Matters! If you take a look to the column on your right, between "Previous Posts" and "Archives", you'll see our new feature - "Posts by Category".

I've added this feature, to help you find posts on your favorite topics. Currently, there are 5 Categories:

Math (formerly "Mental Math")
Site Features

Clicking on each of these links will show a list of links to all the posts relevant to that particular category. More categories will be added as needed, of course.

Here's to best wishes in 2006 to you all!

Update: I have added a 6th category, which is called Performance. I've changed Mental Math to simply Math. Finally, I've also divided the larger categories up into sub-categories so as to make posts of interest easier to find.

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