Perfect Recall?

Published on Tuesday, November 15, 2005 in , ,

Checking around other blogs for items on memory techniques, I ran into what at first appeared to be the most incredible coincidences in blog history.

It started when MSN Encarta posted an article about four tricks for improving memory. It caught plenty of people's attention, which isn't hard to do when you're Microsoft. Plenty of people naturally includes plenty of bloggers.

Full reprints of the article can be found at:

* Let's call it a day :)
* Green Place
* blacklabel
* Sampler
* weblogkoto
* I Started A Joke
* The Tunes
* WaveLinx

It may not get the coverage of MSN Encarta, but I've found Mentat Wiki to be more in-depth when it comes to memory techniques.

Update (11/17/05): This article is still making the rounds. Add STuDeNTLiFe to the list.

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