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In order to make this site easier to use, I have made the content available via syndication and subscription.

What is Syndication?

Without syndication, there are three basic ways to find information on this site that is interesting and relevant to you:

1) Arrive directly via a link from another site.
2) Browse through the links in the "Previous Posts", "Archives" and "Past Highlights" sections.
3) Do a search from an external site.

All of these can and do work, of course, but syndication makes the entire process easier and more direct by doing away with the frills and focusing solely on the content.

The is done with the use of files known as "RSS" and "Atom" feeds. A thorough and easy-to-understand introduction to the advantages of these standards can be found in the article Introducing RSS.

RSS and Atom feeds are read with special programs called "feed readers" or "news aggregators". Check Wikipedia's list of news aggregators, some free and some commercial, to find one for your system.

How do I read the feed for Grey Matters?

The site feed for the Grey Matters blog is available in two different ways. Simply click on your choice of link below, copy the link from the address bar, and paste it into your feed reader according to the program's directions.

XML Feed:    Summary   Full Content

The summary feed contains shorter text-only entries that work better when speed, bandwidth and/or memory is a concern. The full content feed contains the complete text and graphics of all the entries, which allows for more thorough searches.

If you don't have a feed reader yet, you can still click on the above links. Instead of a full-featured feed, you'll see a scaled-down version consisting only a list of entries with brief summaries. Only when the link is set up in your feed reader will you be able to take full advantage of the site feed.

What is Subscription?

You can also subscribe to the feed, so that you can receive notice a place you regularly visit, such as Yahoo, Blogline, or your e-mail box. This is especially handy if you either want to know immediately about new posts, or don't wish to download a feed reader.

How do I subscribe to the Grey Matters site feed?

Either click anyone of the badges under "Site Feed Subscriptions" to add it to the corresponding site of which you're a member, or enter your e-mail address into the box under e-mail, and click "Subscribe". Once you subscribe, you'll be notified everytime the site feed is updated.

If your e-mail software is unable to display links, you'll want to click the "Text-only emails" checkbox to receive a version of the feed without links. The mailing list for the Grey Matters feed is managed solely by RSSFwd, and no one associated with Grey Matters has access to the e-mail list, nor will it be sold or otherwise given to any outside party.

In each e-mail you receive, and at each site, there will be a link to unsubscribe if you wish.

Are there any other ways to read the Grey Matters site feed?

Yes, you can now add our web banner to your website, which automatically updates with the five most recent entries from Grey Matters.

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