Free Software for Memory Training, Part 2

Published on Thursday, November 03, 2005 in , , ,

Shortly after discussing memory training software in my previous post, I ran across another excellent free memory training program for Mac OS X.

It's called Studycard Studio Lite. After just a few days of testing it and using it, I can already tell you that is even more impressive than Genius!

The biggest noticable difference is that, in Studycard Studio Lite, you can add a wide variety of multi-media to your quizzes. This can really help when memorizing something like a card stack, where you actually need to get used to associating the visual of each card with its respective name and location mnemonics. Also, since mnemonics technique in general is largely a visual technique in the first place, this can really help lock stronger visuals into your mind for whatever you wish to remember.

There is a full version, called Studycard Studio, available for US$29, with site licenses available for US$299. Even with the free version, you get a 15-day trial of the full-featured version.

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