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Once again, over at the Magic Cafe, there's another new discussion concerning memory, this time discussing the relative merits of mnemonic stacks.

For my tastes, these threads on memory work appear far too infrequently. Fortunately, I've managed to find a solution for this. Memory Mentor.com now has a forum dedicated solely to memory techniques! They focus on both recreation techniques and real-world uses, like learning language. They also have a great section on impressive mathematical feats, referred to as "Vedic Maths". If you haven't been to Memory Mentor.com yet, check it out.

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11:04 AM

Hi Scott,
I visited www.memorymentor.com wow what a website! You guys out there wanting to do better in your schooling then visit this site and read the tutorials and use the forum to ask questions!

Some nice tricks with the Vedic maths there too!! How easy is the eleven times tables with that method!?