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Published on Saturday, September 17, 2005 in , , , ,

I've mentioned Chris Wasshuber's Lybrary.com site before, here.

If you go there now, however, you'll see a complete redesign of the site. The redesign is so complete, that I've had to change all my links to his site in my "For Sale" links. It has a much smoother, more streamlined feel and function, and the store functions in a much more streamlined manner, as well. The site itself now has a "parchment" look, which is quite appropriate and adds to the charm of the site.

The titles themselves are better organized and easier to find, by subject or author. There are some great new offerings, such as the free ebooks and the PDF catalog. There are some items that are no longer available, which include, strangely, Chris Wasshuber's own routine, "The Ultimate Magic Square".

I must, of course, give special attention to the Memory & Mnemonics section, especially as this is the only place you can easily find Dominic O'Brien's elusive book How to Develop a Perfect Memory.

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