World Memory Championship Results

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The official results from last weekend's 2005 World Memory Championships are being released. Here are the winners and their amazing feats:

Katharina Bunk: Memorized the most cards in 5 minutes

Corinna Draschl: Memorizing an unpublished poem

Dr. Gunther Karsten: Memorized the order of 3570 binary digits (1s and 0s), Memorized the order 941 card (18.1 packs!) in one hour, Memorized 1949 numbers in 1 hour,

Ram Kolli: Memorized the most names & faces correctly

Boris Konrad: Memorized the most random words in 15 minutes

Clemens Mayer:Memorized the most spoken numbers

Ben Pridmore: Memorized 333 digits in 5 minutes, Memorized the most historic dates correctly

Full details of all contestant's score are available on the 2005 World Memory Championship Results Page.

Aug. 18, 2005, 6:40 PM Update: Clemens Mayer has been announced as the overall winner of the 2005 World Memory Championship! Full details on the results of each of the competitions are now available.

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