The "Right" Memory System?

Published on Tuesday, August 09, 2005 in ,

I've been asked about the "right", presumably meaning the most effective, memory systems. I've always maintained that any memory technique you use that helps you recall something effectively, is the right one for you.

In Seattle, Washington, several hit-and-run witnesses recently proved exactly this point. It seems that a hit-and-run took place near a cheerleading camp. After the guy ran off, several of the cheerleaders there took note of the license plate and, according to this newspaper article, did what cheerleaders naturally do to memorize information.

I must admit to being jealous that the driver was apprehended. Just under two weeks ago, I myself was the victim of a hit-and-run. However, after I filed a police report, I was told in no uncertain terms that the Las Vegas Metro Police did not follow up on hit-and-runs. So, unless anyone knows anything about how to contact the owner of the car with the Nevada license plate SPOYLME on it, I'm out of luck. Note that, with a plate like this, no memory systems are really needed.

Before you ask, all I required was a few days rest and Advil to reduce inflammation in my neck and legs.

Hmmm . . . considering that fellow bloggers Stephen Green, Michele (from A Small Victory) and Venomous Kate have also had recent, serious accidents, I'm beginning to suspect that someone is out to get bloggers. Even Chris Muir (BTW, please Clik4Cathy) has pointed out the trend here and here.

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