You've Memorized the World Wide Web?!?

Published on Tuesday, May 03, 2005 in , , , ,

First, there was ipolygraph, which apparently used a lie detector to determine a chosen card. Then came Boondoggle, which proves, as we all know, that Google knows everything, including your selected card!

Now, we have Agogle, which take Boondoggle to the next level!

First, Agogle does the classic Boondoggle effect, but with the real Google search engine.

Second, if you wish to repeat the effect, and have someone else type the question about their card into Google, you can do it.

The last effect is the one that captured my attention. In it, you claim that you have memorized the entire contents of the World Wide Web. You go to Google and ask the person for any search term that interests them. It is entered into Google and, before you click the Search button, you recall the number of pages on the WWW in which that term can be found. Once click to Google's search engine proves you correct!

Of course you haven't memorized the WWW, and the claim is completely ludicrous and impossible. I have nothing against psuedo-memory effects (many of which are ingenious, as a quick download of the latest version of MemoryEffects.pdf will show), and peformed with the right combination of humbug and flair, this is a great routine to show your friends.

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