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I've talked about numerous commercial products, so it's about time to balance that out with some free links to some memorization and lightning calculation feats:

Mental Shopper - Add up five prices chosen by the audience faster than they can with a calculator!

Calendar Feat - Above and beyond just the normal "day of the week" for any date feat, you can learn to turn the feat around and take it to another level!

A New Breakthrough Routine! - A deck is mixed by the audience, and then a random card is reversed. Amazingly, the spectator reverses the same card as the magician!

Super Memory Remembered - This is an updated version of the classic memorization of a list of 30 items. The modifications made here are similar to suggestions in Eddie Joseph's book, "Memory of the Mind".

...and here is the real goldmine:

Memorized Deck Magic Index - This is a complete archive of Dennis Loomis' "Memorized Deck Magic" column from the magic e-zine "Smoke and Mirrors". Especially interesting is the article on Memorized Deck Mastery

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5:59 AM

Great blog you have going sir. Do you understand the maths behind the Mental Shopper effect. I want to construct my own totals, but I cannot work out why the current totals allow you to add up the last figure and then minus from 50 and got the total. Thanks man.