Gathering For Gardner 10

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Konrad Jacobs' photo of Martin GardnerJust last week, there was a gathering honoring the late Martin Gardner in Atlanta, called Gathering For Gardner 10, or G4G10 for short.

I didn't go myself, but the people who did attend have already started sharing their experiences with us.

If you're not familiar with Martin Gardner, you can see posts relating to his work right here on Grey Matters. David Suzuki, in his documentary series Nature of Things, spent one entire program on Martin Gardner, and introduces it at an early Gathering for Gardner event:

The G4Gs are invitation-only events, and there's not much available from G4G10, the most recent get-together. There are, however, a few goodies already online.

Over on flickr, there are already many photos from G4G10 posted. Even if you don't understand the subjects of the photos themselves, they're still wondrous and amazing to behold.

One of the biggest treats from G4G10, however, has to be Colm Mulcahy's library lecture about the life and work of Martin Gardner. Regular Grey Matters readers will probably recognize Colm from his Card Colm column and his Colm's Cards page.

Here's part 2 of the lecture:

The searchable collection of Gardner's work, which Colm mentions in the lecture, is Martin Gardner's Mathematical Games CD-ROM, and is currently available for around $40 at Amazon.com.

If you attended G4G10, or even just have any personal stories to share about Martin Gardner's influence, I'd love to hear about it in the comments.

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2 Response to Gathering For Gardner 10

6:58 AM

I attended G4G10, and wrote up my experiences here, including a link to this blog as a source of the videos. I presented a talk on my Polyform Puzzler project. Please take a look!

10:40 AM

Those are great links.

Thanks, David!