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StopwatchWhen I introduced the Grey Matters Timed Quiz Generator, I included an introductory tutorial, and an additional tutorial on the Final Message Options when I added that feature.

However, the tutorials are so long when written, I think many people believe it is too complicated. For a long time, I've wanted to create a video tutorial about it, and thanks to my recent purchase of iShowU HD, I've finally been able to do just that!

While the video is 9.5 minutes long, it really is short and simple to understand. Watch it, use it, and if you create your own quizzes that you post publicly, let me know so that I can add them to my How Many Xs Can You Name In Y Minutes? post!

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2 Response to Timed Quiz Generator Video Tutorial

1:15 PM

Hi Scott,
What a coincidence. I was thinking about this tool of yours today.
Is it all client side? So someone just puts it on their site and the clever program takes care of itself?
I was thinking about how tough it is to do the program code because someone might enter the same answer twice - hoping to get double points.

12:45 PM


Yep! It's all 100% client side. It runs in your browser, and doesn't connect to any external sites (except for those you've set up yourself in Final Message Options).

The program won't increase your score for duplicate answers. The first thing the code does is check if the answer is already given. Duplicate answers simply sit in the answer box, ready to be edited.