TYBE Reviews!

Published on Sunday, May 21, 2006 in , , , , , ,

Memory MentorWord is starting to spread about my Train Your Brain and Entertain software (TYBE)!

In addition to LobowolfXXX's Magic Cafe review, there's another new review at MemoryMentor.com (Mentioned on this blog here and here)!

This is especially good timing, as I'm expecting to make another big announcement soon about TYBE. No, I'm not giving any hints yet.

I'm honored that Kevin chose my software to be included in the opening of his brand-new review section. Besides my software, he also reviews several books, including a brief review of Dominic O'Brien's classic work on memory. He mentions that you may need to search eBay, but it's available as an ebook from Lybrary.com, as well.

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