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Timed QuizzesDue to the interest shown, I've made my list of timed quizzes easy to post on your website or blog!

I've actually made this possible in a few different ways. First, I've created a listible version of the timed quizzes. The advantage of this version is that you can rate each quiz, voting your most favorites up, and send your least favorites down. You can add this version, in rated order, as a text list to your blog with the following code:

The other new version is from Widgetbox, and appears as below. The listed titles link directly to their corresponding quizzes, and the main title links directly to the full How Many Xs Can You Name In Y Minutes? post for a complete categorized list of timed quizzes!

The size and color of the widget are also customizable, so as to better suit your blog. In contrast to the wide version above, you could, for example, make it narrower for a sidebar, as I've done in the rightmost column, just below the Site Feed Subscriptions. You can customize it and get the code at this page.

In addition, the previous versions of the timed quizzes list are still available. There's the RSS Feed, the Google Homepage Gadget, and, for Mac users, the Dashboard Widget.

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